The Truth About Reality Self Defense Training

Self Defense - What really works and what is silly garbage?

Self Defense Classes are available to anyone, and many philosophies and styles of self defense seem to exist. Self Defense and choosing a self defense class can be very confusing if you do not already know how to defend yourself. Each self defense instructor seems well versed and formidable when you discuss the subject with him. Likewise, if you take part in a self-defense class, even a lame one, you will probably feel it is a good class since you have no prior experience. How do you know early on which self defense class will truly teach you to defend yourself, and which only look effective?

Choosing a self defense class is further complicated by the fact that you can only judge each class and instructor within their own class. In other words, no means exists to judge one class or instructor against another. Self defense competitions do not exist, so you cannot check to see which class is winning more contests. Self defense is typically life or death in nature, so there is no real way to test the "deadly" techniques to see if they work on a 230 pound power lifter. Are you going to kill him to find out - In class? Probably not.

St. Louis Self Defense Class online exists to help you understand the difference between real self defense, and really stupid self defense. Self Defense is not a mystic voo-doo art. It does not happen inside of a dark box wherein no one can see what works and what does not work. Self-Defense capability can be proven and has been again and again.

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The Truth About Self-Defense

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